Bulldog Games now with Pedigree’ is the campaign theme adopted by the UK’s most exciting and innovative redemption brand which are solely designed and manufactured here in the UK. We are focused on growing our presence both here in the UK and in overseas markets courtesy of new and exciting games that further enhance the Bulldog pedigree.

Launched by Novomatic UK at EAG 2018, our Bulldog range has reinforced its ‘Be Amazed’ with 85% of Bulldog product in the top three highest performing games across the company’s customer base of coastal arcades, holiday parks, FECs and bowling centres. 

At Bulldog Games we promise to deliver products to the highest industry standards and we offer an excellent after-sales and technical support service. We pride ourselves on designing engaging and exciting games to suit all ages and you will find our products in both seaside and inland venues. 

Peter Collinge, Managing Director of Bulldog Games, has a wealth of experience in the gaming industry and, during 40 years, has worked with some of the most iconic names in the business. His knowledge and reputation for creativity and service has put Bulldog Games at the forefront of the industry.

Peter is always happy to receive customer feedback to ensure Bulldog Games are the best in the market.